Good Reading: Melissa Fong On The Intersection Of Racism and Male Privilege

Melissa Fong offers a fantastic analysis of some online activism being done by @SUEY_PARK, @BLACKGIRLDANGER @THEWAYOFTHEID and @CHEUYA around issues of male privilege and its intersection with racism.

Ms. Fong’s post comes in the aftermath of @Suey_Park’s opposition to a racist joke made by a Twitter account affiliated with television personality Stephen Colbert and the subsequent backlash she received after speaking out against the joke and calling for Colbert’s show to be cancelled.

Here is the link: Proving male privilege: @SUEY_PARK, @BLACKGIRLDANGER @THEWAYOFTHEID and @CHEUYA Striking Back #cancelcolbert Part 3


Locating Canada’s State Multiculturalism As A Racist Doctrine

I, like many Canadians, am a product of Canada’s state multiculturalism. My family was permitted to enter and remain in Canada, achieve legal, civil, social and economic rights and ultimately, through a gradual whitening of the Italian people in Canada, privilege. I recognize this, take it seriously and frankly, wish to see any structures of privilege I enjoy challenged.

While I believe informal, or civil multiculturalism, may ultimately lead to equality and equity of opportunity if oppressive cultural structures can be crushed, I argue state multiculturalism policies, which underpin modern Canadian nationalism, have been, and remain, inherently racist.

In other words, state multiculturalism as a nationalist doctrine is merely a false flag for the very racism it is supposed to counteract. It is making racism worse ─ not better.

Over at Illuminated By Street Lamps, I have explored this concept, following in the steps of Canadian theorist Himani Bannerji.

Here is the link: Locating Canada’s State Multiculturalism As A Racist Doctrine